Does Marriage Counseling Work

Does Marriage Counseling Work

does marriage counseling work

Marriage counseling or marital therapy is a process a married couple goes through in hopes of bettering their relationship. Methods may vary from therapist to therapist, but always involves the couple meeting up with a professional on a weekly or monthly basis, to talk about their relationship, what works for them or not, and the possible solutions to their marital issues. Many couples think about getting marriage counseling, but often wonder does marriage counseling work. Here’s a few thing to consider if you or someone you love is thinking about getting marriage counseling.

Getting the right professional to help you

A very important part of marriage counseling is getting the right therapist for you and your partner. Many people that complain about marriage counseling not working for them say that the therapist they were working with made them fight each other instead of making them focus on finding the middle ground. If you think this is the case, then the best thing to do is quitting this therapist and finding a new one that actually helps you improve your marital situation. Do not be afraid to try several therapist before settling with one, as you will find that a key part of the process is depends on your counselor. Also, make sure your therapist’s and you are on the same page regarding marriage, relationships, etc.

Also, if you are religious, it might be a good idea to involve your priest, pastor, rabbi or any key authority in your religion to give you their opinion. A therapist is important, but someone that knows and shares your moral codes and understands your ideology will be able to give you advice that will be specially tailored to your way of seeing life as a couple. People who wonder does marriage counseling work usually forget this important part of their lives should be included in this process too.

Work towards your marriage together

As in every other thing in life, if you are having problems with your marriage, you will have to work to make it work. Your relationship issues will not be resolved magically, you and your partner will have to make an effort to see eye to eye and work together to solve any problems you might have. The question is not does marriage counseling work, but rather, do we really want to make this marriage work. If the answer is yes, then all you do to make things better, be it getting a marriage counselor, or just learning how to listen to each other, will result in a better relationship.

You and your partner should spend time talking about this, whether or not you actually want to make things work, how many hours you are willing to spend working on this, what you are each willing to sacrifice to make the marriage work. Only then will marriage counseling actually benefit your fight to keep the marriage together and help you see the bigger picture about your marriage.

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